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Deal of the Day Review

Why Use Deal of the Day Sites?

There's no better feeling than getting a great bargain on new gear, outfits or gifts. If you're looking for the best deals on last-minute gifts, there's no better resource than deal of the day websites. These sites offer daily steals on high-quality products. Some of the sites focus on specific product types while others will offer more variety.

Because these deal websites are so different from each other, it's hard to tell you to use this or that one. Instead, you should register with the sites that offer the deals that you are most interested in. Some will register for every website, and others will pick one or two favorites. If you sign up for several sites, you may get a lot of spam in your email inbox, but every site allows you to turn off email notifications. Since all of these sites are free to use, we had to pick our favorites.

Groupon, LivingSocial and Whiskey Militia had the easiest interface, best deals and clearest emails. However, it is important to note that all of the bargain websites on this list are useful. Read our in-depth reviews of each one and take a look at our articles about deal of the day websites.

Deal of the Day Websites: What to Look For

A deal of the day website should be judged by the products it offers. If you're not interested in what the site is selling, there is no reason to register with the service. In addition to the services, you should look for a site that has a simple interface and plenty of alert options. Most important, make sure that the site you're registering for does not charge a sign-up fee. Fortunately, none of the sites on our lineup charge for membership. We judged these sites on the following criteria.

Every daily deal website offers great bargains, but some focus on only a few types of products. If you own a PC, a site that specializes in Mac software will not interest you. Likewise, if you want gadgets, you won't want to use a site that specializes in recreational gear. Many of the sites on our lineup offer a variety of products, so you'll want to watch a site for about a week to get a good idea of the types of deals you can get.

In addition to the products, you also want to use a deal of the day website that has a deal timer listed on the site. Some sites only show a timer, and others give you both a timer and the number of products left. The sites that only show a timer claim that this makes the bargain more fun. Also, make sure that the products actually ship to you. Finally, make sure you understand the service's return policy in case you get a defective product.

The most important aspect of a deal of the day website is the ability to see a deal without registering. Most of the services on this site allow you to preview the daily deals, but only a few allow you to buy without registering. If you have to register for a site, make sure that the site gives you the option to save shipping and payment information, since you don't want to lose a bargain while typing your mailing address.

All of the deals websites we reviewed include email notifications. If you don't want a lot of spam in your email inbox, make sure that the site allows you to turn off or customize the notifications. Also, look for sites that allow you to receive alerts on your mobile phone with iOS and Android apps. You don't want to miss a great bargain because you didn't check your email at the right time.

Help & Support
Many of the sites require you to register because they have a deep and engaging user forum and review system. Look for a site that allows you to see what others think of the products. An email address and FAQs section will be invaluable if you ever run into ordering or shipping issues. Some deal of the day websites keep their users up to date by posting on a site blog.

Whether you decide to register for all of these deal of the day websites or to only use a few, every site on this list can help you find the best daily deals on the web. With the help of these sites, you'll be able to shop smarter.

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